William D. Tate grew up in Grapevine, Texas, where he was inspired to become a lawyer. He came from a well respected family. His grandfather was the town’s first Night watchman and his father served on the School Board, City Council and as Mayor. Since his parents were also merchants he grew up on Main Street realizing that everyone has problems and needs help sometime in their life.

Mr. Tate has committed his life to the service of others, serving as City Attorney, Councilman and Mayor of Grapevine for almost 30 years. He has also become a well known and respected attorney. A major thoroughfare bares his name. He is married and has raised five daughters who all became teachers. He is a member of the Church of Christ.

For more than 35 years, Mr. Tate has been practicing law in Grapevine and the surrounding area. He is a seasoned attorney and has a well established law practice, as well as a fee office for Federal Title. He primarily practices in Tarrant, Dallas, Denton, Wise, Parker and Collin Counties but has handled various and sundry cases in many of the outlining counties of Texas. If he cannot handle your case he will refer you to a specialist in your field of law.

William D. Tate believes in the personal touch, with hands on representation. He personally deals with all aspects of his clients case, rather than turning it over to a paralegal. He believes in integrity and professionalism and putting the interest of his client first. He is a strong advocate. He is well known throughout the region, with a reputation for a hard work, determination, and fair dealing.

On Family Law matters first consultation is free.
Thereafter pay as the work is performed.

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